Whats so interesting about basketball?

Basketball is interesting because it is a sport that can’t resist and you won’t get as much injuries as you do in football (head concussion). The 10 Reasons why basketball is interesting #1 reason: Its s modernized sport. #2 reason: Basketball continues to drive its audience off their seats. #3 reason: It is attainable and not expensive. #4 reason: Readily accessible #5 reason: The rules are simple. #6 reason: accessible basketball camps or clinics. #7 reason: Televised worldwide #8 reason: It is full with fun. #9 5reason: Easy to learn Basketball Fundamentals.#10 reason: You can play along with some other individuals.

Lee Sayles Speaker, Demetrius Sykes Typer, Branden Roby Nothing


My name is Demetrius James Sykes Jr. and my friends name is Lee Sayles. Brandon Roby,Devin May, John Davis, Carlus Haire, etc. and I love them because they been by my side since day one and I love them for that and they not going nowhere I swear and they my best friends and I may have a lot of them and they all real and I love them because they so real and serious to me and we go everywhere together and I love and I know they love me as much as I love them and I really important and I know thats great because god sent me very good friends and I understand we argue sometimes but we get back cool and I understand that we don’t speak to each other everyday but someday we don’t see each other and we do everything with each other.

Lincoln Middle School Students,

My name is Demetrius James Sykes Jr. and I love my classmates and other friends around me because i feel love because the treat me special. Also I love my teacher because they sharing all they smartness with us providing us smartness and my favorite teacher name is LaSaundra Casmo Blakley and she always been by my side with i was down and need someone to talk to and I love her for that and I’m her favorite student of all times. Finally I she ask me if i want to meet with the state to give a good statement about my school and I love the teachers and the students at m school and I thank god that I am in the right school and learning the right education.

Lincoln Middle School


My name is Demetrius James Sykes Jr. and I am here too tell you about my school: Lincoln Middle School and I love my school because they are respectful to us the students and i love being in my school because we have different kinds of fun things going on and i really love my school basketball team and 8th grade and 7th grade is very good at playing basketball and i enjoy watching them play basketball because they try they best and we free days on friday’s when we get all our work done and i don’t like when my classmates are talking and we don’t get to have fun day