ESTL Environment Research

Today me and my group members{Da’Quain, Thomas, Elijah} tried to find some information about East St. Louis pollution back then compared to today. We were successful. Some info. they we got about ESTL are: ESTL was once a factory and railroad town. Factories moved out population cut in half. It’s not much, but it’s something. Have a nice day 🙂  

What Up

Hello people. Sorry for the wait on the blogs you guys. I have been having some troubles logging in the computers and such in order to get here. Yea…. I am about to post a new page so yea you can go check that out.


Whatever Is Going On

What Up Word Press. What are you doing? Nothing. Good Well, I am on a computer typing this up right now….. like right now:) I have a serious problem. Anyway, how has your day been going? Good, Great. Well my day has been going great. I am at this awesome program called, “Coding For Community.” I highly recommend you coming. Its a great place to be on a Saturday when you don’t have anything to do or just need to get out of the house. But yea, I’m gonna go now and everybody have a very nice day.