Podcast topic

I used books and the internet to find info. about music  and past music . Books gave us info that we could not  find on the internet. The internet gave us some good stuff to use local  present artist.

goodbye post

This is the last post i will be making until the summer time.I had a lot of fun during this part of the program.Sometimes it was boring,and sometimes it was fun.But all I know is that I enjoyed this a lot.I can’t wait until the summer maybe there will be something that I won’t expect.

What we did

So, today we had added more to our web site that had to do with ESTL. It was sorta kinda hard but we got through it. Then every thing got super boring and Aanyla logged out and put her head down but she  got back up and logged back in added one more thing and put her head back down.But most of the time Nathaniel had so much fun to where he had just did  what ever.At first Terriana seemed tired but she got up and she started to have fun with Nathaniel.Aanyla was having fun with them but she got tired because she was bored with all of this.So,all we pretty much did today was work and have fun,well at last some of us did.Yeah,pretty much.

Events and places about music

There are a lot of places that music are partaken in at home, stores, and etc. But, music is really inspired and partaken in churches, church music is so motivated and inspiring to the human soul. Church music is sung everyday at church unlike most music. Church music is healthy for the human mind and soul because it take over your body to something right and change people lives forever. Also, music is partaken in many events like graduations, funerals, weddings, and etc. But, mostly in band because band is based off of music period point blank.

learning about music

Music is mainly my life,only because i want to be  a singer.So what I want this to be about the people  who became  singers ,and started there career in East St. Louis. The reason i want to be a singer is because i hear about these people coming from East St Louis  becoming singers, and dancers,, and doctors and all types of things , not because they had to  they did that because they wanted to do what they believed in.






























Important Figures

What I want the project to be about is RnB because it’s a mixture of rhythm and blues and it gets people in a good feeling. It gets people in a sort of a good of vibe unlike rap. The part or role I want to play in the project is the interviewer because I like socializing with people and asking questions. Also, the evolution of RnB has been a forever changing genre of music, encompassing soul, jazz, and hip hop. RnB giants like Rhianna, Beyonce and many more have changed the game forever. But earlier RnB majors like TLC, Dru Hill, and Boyz2Men have been known for their own uplifted and fun-thrilling beats.