This Environment

Have you ever taken the time out of your day to just look at how beautiful you environment is? I have. My, but my environment is not all that good. I live in East St. Louis, IL. It is okay, not great, but okay. My environment is kinda of a plump you know what I mean and my goal is to fix it up with my friend Tay’Chelle. What I mean that we are going to be testing soil for toxic waste or maybe even claims to be good soil, climate,  crops/plants, and much more. We also have different roles on who does what we have to do in order to complete this project. I, Remy, I have to do test soil, photo, neighborhood etc. Tay’Chelle has to do plants/crops, air, climate etc. We hope to succeed. I wonder what East St. Louis will look like in the future!