1.What kind of fashion do you wear and why do you choose to wear this certain type of fashion brand?

Why is fashion important?

How does fashion help you in life?

What kind of fashion do you think is most popular from where you live?


2.All of them are all interesting to me.


3.I don’t think that it’s a story teller but it can start a conversation..

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On this website we will tell you how music and dance  go hand and hand.Meaning why people combine the two is to bring the joy to dance and music and to just have fun with everything.So I hope that you have fun and enjoy life with dance and music.

This is something totally new. this is tango.this is very challenging but is also very fun.the way the way i started to learn this is when i was three and i had  a dance partner he was super tall but we got the job done my teacher(dawn daggs)was really strict but she was very nice.