More About The Golden State Warriors


The Golden State Warriors is owned by Joe Lacob,the one year coach Steve Kurr, and the former coach Mark Jackson. The Warriors are located in Oakland,California, they are also member of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference.They have 4 rings because they won the championship game in 1947,1956,1975,and 2015.Stephen Curry was made the MVP player on The Golden State Warriors from 2014-2015. Curry attended Davidson college.He was born on March,14 1988.He is a awesome and hard working point guard for his team.He has a wife named Ayesha Curry and 2 beautiful daughters.His first daughter is Riley which is 3 years old and his wife just gave birth to another beautiful daughter who’s name is Ryan which is 7 months.Mr. and Mrs. Curry have been married for 7-8 years and it’s been amazing for them.

About Me

Hello my name is Ja’Niyha and I am going to blog about┬ábasketball,because it’s my favorite sport and I can see that people find it very interesting.I find basketball interesting because it is a very popular sport. I also like all the moves and different positions you can do and play while playing basketball.I really like basketball because my favorite celebrity plays basketball. My favorite celebrity is Stephen Curry. I like Stephen Curry because first off he play on my favorite basketball team which is the Golden State Warriors. He also have a very supportive family that supports him and loves him very much.

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