Research Questions

How are fossils formed?,d.amc
What type of fossils are found?,d.amc
What kinds of schooling do archaeologist do?
Where do we find fossils?
How long do we have to go to school for this?
What else do we do , besides dig up fossils?
Why do we dig up fossils?
How do archaeologist know where to dig?

Project Team

Hi my name is Renascence Hill-Russell
I’ m 12 years old
I attend Mason Clark Middle Schoolmason clark
My hobbies are volleyball and track
My favorite color is pink
My favorite store is Claire’s
My birthday is February 1,2004
I like to sing
My favorite food is chinese food
I have five sisters and three brothers
I am an aquariusaquarius
My mom is an aries aries
My dad is a leo leo


There all types of archaeology such as Ethno archaeology , experimental archaeology, garbology , garbage archaeology, and more.Some archeologists practice Ethno archeology, or the study of living cultures in search of analogous patterns applicable to the archaeological record. Most commonly, Ethno archeology involves the study of surviving hunter-gatherers, pastoralists, and nomads and the material remains and patterns of their daily lives in search of similarities in technology, mobility, and social-political organization applicable to attempts to reconstruct and explain the archaeological record.Experimental archeology relies on replication, experimentation, and ethnographic analogy to search for and test possible explanations for past behavior and change.Garbology is a modern sub-specialty of archeology that attempts to learn more about today’s society by studying what people throw away. The University of Arizona Department of Anthropology pioneered garbology as a discipline more than 20 years ago, under the directorship of William Rathje. Garbology research interests include modern diet, health, marketing, resource management, measuring the effectiveness of societial changes such as recycling and waste reduction over time, and demographic and social differentiation.


This page is about the archaeology of East St.Louis.On my page you could learn about many things like what archaeologists do, how they know where to start,and what do they do with the items they dig up?You also can learn how we apply that to East St.Louis and local projects .